Fact: The technology for non-barrier male birth control has existed for years, but companies have been reluctant to fund it because people don’t think men could handle the responsibility/be willing to take a pill. 

That is a self-reinforcing sexual stereotype. If we had the option of taking birth control, many of us would. As a result men would have to be more conscious of our sexuality and all of the important questions and personal responsibilities that go along with it. Men seem to be, in general, less responsible and self-aware in regards to their sexuality, this is in large part because the burden of responsibility is put unfairly on women. Men don’t have to worry about getting pregnant, both because of biology and because women are expected to take care of that. If we got this kind of pill we would have to engage with a doctor, learn about it, and as a result, become more informed and responsible.

People who say that men can’t handle that kind of responsibility are also saying that no one expects or demands that of them. Humans are literally programmed to take convenience over almost any other value when making decisions, and the system is set up to conveniently waive any responsibility for sexually active men. Give us the option and we will rise to the occasion.

-Devin Edward Green